Introducing New Parking Lot System


Announcing introduction of new paid-parking lot system

We are introducing new parking lot management system by Times 24 Co. Ltd.
It is free of charge up to 4.5 hours for our patients. 100 yen every hour after that but maximum amount is 500 yen a day.
Please follow the direction as below.

-South bound on Rt. 82: Turn left at the light as you see the semi-cylinder shaped hospital building on your left hand side.

-Proceed to the side of the hospital building and pass the entrance to hospital’s underground parking on your left hand side.

You will see the sign for the “Times” parking lots on your left hand side.

-Enter into the parking lots from the gate. Push the button and obtain ticket.
-Please carry the ticket into the hospital building with you. At the time of payment, present it at the front desk to have the ticket processed so it will be exempt from being charged for the first 4.5 hours.

-Insert the ticket into the check-out machine as you leave.