Radiation Therapy Department

about radiation therapy

What is radiation therapy?

Radiation therapy is one of the three main treatments for cancer among with surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy can be used by itself or in combination with other forms of treatment, more often surgery or chemotherapy.

X-ray beam is used to damage, destroy and suppress growth of the inside the cancer cell (DNA). Unlike surgery, since radiation therapy has less strain on the body of patient, the elderlies and patients who are physically not themselves due to their chronic disease can safely receive treatment.

To patients who desire treatment(How to make an appointment)

Services at our radiation therapy department are only available on appointment basis.

We try to provide sufficient and comprehensible explanation at the time of consultation which is held at the first visit. We also take a great consideration for patients to receive treatments safely with full understanding. Anyone desires consultation with a doctor to discuss about treatments are welcome as well.

If you would like to make an appointment,please ask your primary care doctor for issuing a referral letter.
After receiving the referral letter via FAX from your primary care doctor, we are able to schedule an appointment for you. Please note that we do not accept phone inquiries from patients for the enhanced service flow. Thank you for your co-operation.

Consultation hours 9:00 ~ 17:00

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Closed on Sundays and Holidays

※Consecutive holidays are excepted.
Please contact us for detailed information.

Browsing and downloading Leaflets

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Our professional staff

We take a great consideration for the patients to be able to receive treatment safely with peace of mind.

Especially, since the radiation therapy equipment are highly precision instrument, professionals who are highly skilled are maintaining the quality of all equipment.
Additionally, we try out best to provide resources and our knowledge not limited to the patient him or her selves but being able to answer all family member’s concerns and various questions regarding treatments.

Yoshihiko MANABE

Title Chief doctor
Qualifications Radiation Oncologist
Board certified Radiologist
General Clinical Oncologist
Nagoya City University, the Faculty of Medicine
Interests Railroad Trains
Comment I had been studying diligently and improved my skills of TomoTherapy and CyberKnife mainly in the prefecture of Aichi and Mie. I would like to take an advantage of this experience to use for patients.


Title Chief doctor
Hometown Tokyo
Qualifications Radiation Oncologist
Board certified Radiologist
Japan Radiological Society
Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology
Japan Society for Tobacco Control
University of the Ryukyus,the Faculty of Medicine
Interests Marine sports and golf
Comment I am trying my best to provide the kind of treatment which I myself and my family would like to receive.

  Number of people
Medical Physicist 3
Radiation Technologist 1
Radiation Quality Manager 2
Radiation Protection Manager, The 1st Class 5
Certified Nurse in Radiation Therapy Nursing 1

Articles Addressed on Japan wide Tokushukai Hospital News Paper in the Past

March 18, 2019 No.1176
Nursing of Radiation Therapy for Cancer Aggressively Enhanced at Nanbu

April 15, 2019 No.1180
Radiation Therapy Treatment Cases Extends/ TomoTherapy Operates Smoothly

October 7, 2019 No.1205
Implementing Hydrogel Spacer Procedure to reduce side effects of Radiation Therapy

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