General Information

General Information

Contact us

For more information, please contact us at
+81-98-998-3221 or Fax +81-98-998-3220
(Monday - Saturday : 8:30 - 17:00 excepting holidays).

How to request for translater or interpreter

If you need a translater or an interpreter, please call or e-mail us in advance.


English, Chinese

Available type of insurances

RICARE (USA), CIGNA Healthcare Benefit (USA), Chartis Insurance(GBR), BUPA Insurance(GBR), Zurich(CHE), Allianz(DEU), Generali Insurance(ITA), Prudencial Insurance(USA), MSIG(SGP), Cascade Insurance(USA), QBE Insurance(AUS), Nanshan Life Insurance(TWN), Meritz(KOR), HBF General (AUS), Bank of China Insurance(CHN), PCA Life(TWN), Taiwan Life Insurance(TWN), China Life(CHN), ACE Insurance(USA), Aetna Insurance (USA), BCBS /Axa(USA), Folksam(SWE), Mutas (BEL)
*Please request insurance company to issue GOP (Guarantee of Payment) in advance.

Payment method

Accept credit cards for hospitalzation expense. Outpatient who pay the full fee in cash and has overseas insurance can pay consultation fee by credit cards. Outpatient with Japanese insurance cannot pay by credit cards.

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