Greeting from Director (The current president)

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The first JCI accredited hospital in Okinawa

Nanbu Tokushukai Hospital established on June 1st, 1979. Our hospital have basic philosophies of “Hospitals where patients can entrust their lives with confidence” and “Health and livelihood of the patients are secured” based on an ideal “All living beings are created equal”. Along with improving acute medical care and emergency medical care that our hospital have been addressing, striving to enhance cancer care including palliative care. Additionally, embarking on preventive medical care, nursing care and welfare services proactively to deal with super aging society.

Our hospital have been accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) in December 2015. Being accredited by JCI means the hospital provides patient centered care and service, safety and high quality care, and continuously makes efforts to improve quality of medical care. Our hospital is 15th accredited hospital in Japan and first accredited hospital in Okinawa.

Our hospital keep making efforts to become beloved and trusted hospital by local residents, contribute to enhancement and development of medical care and welfare for patients’ health and happiness.