Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information

In order to provide safe medical treatment to patients,
we handle patients’ personal information cautiously.

Director of Iryohojin Tokushukai
Nanbu Tokushukai hospital

The Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Patient’s personal information will be used for the purpose as below. If personal information is used for other purpose besides as stated below, we will get your previous permission again.

Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

Act on the Protection of Personal Information applies to disclosure, collection and suspension of use of personal information. Please contact the front desk for any questions.

The Purpose of Use of Personal Information in the Hospital

  • Medical provision
    • Provision of medical service in the hospital
    • Coordinating with another hospital, clinic, midwifery home, pharmacy, home-visit nursing station, and nursing care service provider
    • Responding to a reference from another medical institution.
    • Asking a doctor in another institute for advice and opinion to treat a patient.
    • Entrusting laboratory test and another entrustment.
    • Explaining the condition of the patient to family member.
    • Other (Using for medical provision for a patient)
  • Office work for a claim for medical expense
    • Medical treatment・nursing・industrial accident insurance in the hospital, and entrustment and office work that are concerned with publicly funded health care.
    • Submitting rezept (national fee schedule) to an examination payment organization.
    • Responding to a reference from an examination payment organization or an insurer.
    • Submitting rezept (national fee schedule) and responding to a reference from administrative agency that is concerned with publicly-funded health care.
    • Other (Using for medical treatment, nursing, industrial accident insurance, and a claim for medical expense that is concerned with publicly-funded health care)
  • Our governance
    • Administrational operations and accounting
    • Report of medical accident
    • Improvement of medical service
    • Management of a hospital ward including hospitalization and discharge
    • Other (Using for our governance and administrational operations)
  • Notice to an enterprise about the results of medical checkup that is entrusted by the enterprise
  • Consultation and notification about medical professional liability insurance to a special organization which is related to medical treatment and an insurance company
  • Basic material for the maintenance and improvement of medical treatment, nursing service and operations.
  • Cooperation with medical training in the hospital
  • Case study for improvement of quality in medical care
  • Provision of information to external audits institution
  1. Please offer at the front desk or the staff when there is unacceptable matter above about provision of information to other medical institute.
  2. If there is no objection, the provision of information will be used with your consent.
  3. Patient can withdraw and change the offer any time.