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It is essential and most fortunate to live a healthy and lively life. Number of diseases caused by new generation fast pace-life style such as high-blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes are increasing.

Early detection and treating at early stage is crucial.We offer spacious area for ones to take various health screening courses.

To exam stomach, either to choose gastro fiberscope or barium test cost the same.

Our “After a Check-up meal” comes out to 733 Kcal and evaluated highly by many of our customers.

Any questions should you have, please do not hesitate to ask.



General Health Check-Up center 098-998-0309
come directly to General Health Check-Up Center.

Time 9:00~17:00(Mon~Fri)

※Appointments only.

Day before the Exam

  • Please refrain from food after 9:00am. (Drinking water is ok.)
  • If there are medication one is on the regular basis, please take them.

Day of Examination

  • -Please refrain from all food. (Including gums and tobaccos) The ones who takes gastric camera examination may drink water.
  • Ones who take barium examination required to refrain from drinking and eating food.
  • If one is on antihypertensive drugs, or medications for a heart, skip breakfast, and take the medication with small amount of water.
  • If one takes medication for diabetes, please skip medication for morning dose. (Please do not inject insulin either.)

Check-in time

7:30am ~ 8:00am

Please come directly to the General Health Check-up Center which is located on the 3rd floor.
*One might not be able to take examination when their arrival is later than 8:30am.

What to bring

  1. Insurance Card
  2. Medical Questionnaire which is provided by the hospital
  3. Informed Consent for Upper Endoscopy *One who takes Gastro Camera only
  4. Stool examination; please collect 2~3 days prior to the examination. *Ones who takes corporate health check-up and also, takes colonoscopy.
  5. Glasses, Contact lenses, Contact lens cases and Saline
  6. Information on Medication for those who takes medicine
  7. Please bring Hospital Card if you already have it.
  • One may not be able to take examination in case if there is a presence of fever, and coughs.
    (Since it may affect the blood test result.)
  • Please let us know prior to the examination if the one has pace maker mounted in or the shunt.
  • Inform us if you are pregnant or there is a chance of pregnancy.
  • Mammography cannot be taken if one is nursing.
  • There might be a case one cannot take Pap smear or Urine examination during menstruation.
  • Male physician may be in charge of Pap smear, and Mammography.
    (Our Breast Ultra sound Tech is Female.)

Health Screening & 'Imaging Guidance

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