Radiation Therapy Department

about tomotherapy cyberknife


  CyberKnife is a pin point treatment exclusive radiosurgery system . Patient lies down on the flat table and receives sharp shots to the “cancer tissues” with approximately 100 of super fine X-Rays.
Treatment consist of 1 time duration of approximately 30minuetes. It completes in 1 to 5 times(1 time per day) according to the patient’s condition. One do not feel anything including pain or heat during treatment.


  CyberKnife is Robot induction type stereotactic radiosurgery devise which enables irradiating targeted tumor precisely. CyberKnife has a very lightweight and small sized radiation delivery devise is mounted on a tip of arm and moves with flexibility.

  Sufficient radiation to treat patient can be delivered within 1 millimeter accuracy. It detects patient’s subtle movement while tracking and automatically adapting treatment delivery to motion.
All the features above made it possible to deliver greater accuracy and precision radiation therapy.
Shape a scope of area to beam radiation directly .

Adaptive disease to CyberKnife

What is the difference from TomoTherapy and how to be determined which one?

  First of all, both devices are the same in the way that to deliver treatment by irradiate with x-ray beams. Additionally, CyberKnife is great at sharp shooting at the target up to a size of a ping pong ball with super fine X-ray beams. On the other hand, TomoTherapy is good for delivering treatment with accuracy for larger complicated shaped tumor.
For instance, post operative breast cancer often requires radiation therapy for relapse prevention purpose. In that case, irradiate the whole area of operated side of the breast.
But the target is too large for the CyberKnife, TomoTherapy is used to deliver the treatment.

  Our experienced radiotherapists (2 full time institution certified radiation therapy specialists) willdetermine appropriately which therapy is actually best suitable for the patient based on the comprehensive information gathered such as a referral and CT Images provided by attending physician.